El Jadida, Morocco


As a teaching intern (TI) you will provide assistance in the classroom, helping students discover real world connections through a variety of teaching practices, you will promote learning that extends beyond the classroom. You will provide much-needed assistance to the center in order to ensure the delivery of a high standard of education to the students and the community whilst under the supervision of professional teachers. This is a non-paid position.

Teaching Intern Key Skills Required for a Teaching intern: 
● Enthusiasm 
● Teamwork 
● Imagination 
● Energy 
● Adaptability 
● Patience 
● Responsibility 
● Leadership 
● Positive Communication


Qualifications and Training:  

  • Have high school diploma 
  • Available for a part time internship for a span of 3 months-6 months (12 weeks-26 weeks)
  • Submit CV and application
  • Attend orientation and training sessions
  • Minimum of  a B1 level of the English language as it relates to the CEFR 




Planning: Teaching interns (TI’s) will be given the responsibility to plan, prepare and implement their own lesson plans in line with the center's curriculum structure and scheme of work. This will provide individuals with a level of ownership which will promote individualisation and creative teaching.

Assisting: Working alongside experienced teachers assisting them in the delivery of teaching, learning and assessment. You will be required to provide in class support which may require dedicated time spent with specific learners to reinforce learning methods and providing motivation and encouragement in order to help them make progress. In addition to assisting teachers with copies and other classroom assistance needed.

Teaching: Implementing your lesson plans and assessment practices in order to promote progress. The respect the learners will show you, the friendliness of the centers staff coupled with the opportunity to introduce new engaging activities into the classroom is what makes teaching internships a great experience.

 Administration: Support center staff with the development and production of key school policies and procedures.

Social Media: Support the development and impact of the center's coverage on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Extra Curricular Activities: Provide leadership and support to “after course help” students Including homework support, whatsapp group engagement, etc.