This 4-hour IELTS "Crunch Course" presented by West Education, is everything you need in order to get a passing score on this international exam. This Reading Section of West 4 IELTS Exam Preparation is for students who want to focus their preparation on only 1 section of the exam.

  • Category: West IELTS Preparation
  • Duration: 01:30 Hours
  • Location:Google Meeting Link




Our 4-hour crunch course is for students who want to study only 1 section of the exam. This 4-hour course for the reading section is specifically targeted toward the practical skills of the reading section of the exam, covering all skills needed to pass this section of the exam such as:

  • Reading for Gist
  • Reading for detail
  • Vocabulary
  • Skimming 
  • Scanning 


Individual: $65

Groups: $35 (5 people or more)