This is an upper-intermediate/advanced public speaking course focused on public speaking and presentation skills. The course includes the mastery of different public speaking techniques as well as the use of visual aids and body language during a presentation. The course focuses on a range of skills including: -Improving listening comprehension skills -Understanding public speaking strategies -Giving mock presentations -Asking and answering questions during a presentation -Interacting effectively with audience -Improving through self-evaluation of speech

  • Category: How to Get Away With Public Speaking
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours




20 hour Course Syllabus +Course info

Name of course: How to Get Away with Public Speaking Masterclass

Class schedule: 3 days per week/ 1 hour each class

Delivery Method: 100% online via Google Meet (for live classes) 

Fees:   $299


Angelina Puryear a.k.a Teacher Angelina

Contact information:



+212 625 595903

Virtual "office hours":

Weekends: 10am- 3pm (GMT +1) via Telegram

Course length: 

20 hours

How to register:

Course materials: 

All created by West Education/Teacher Angelina

You will need access to a computer, as well as to presentation design programs such as Google slides

 This course will help you get away with public speaking and presenting in English, even if you are not fluent in the English language. 

Many students wish to become fluent in English. Others wish to become knowledgeable about presenting and speaking publicly in English. This course is for those  upper- intermediate to advanced level students who want to be more proficient in their public speaking and presentation ability.  

Each topic includes a focus on:

  • Vocabulary (relating to the topic)
  • Listening segments
  • Conversation questions 
  • Presentation skills 

By the end of this Masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Plan, prepare and present a presentation 
  • Show diversity in your ability to use presenation software 
  • Conduct throughout research on your topic
  • Connect with your audience in a meaningful way
  • Identify verbal and non-verbal presentation ques
  • Fight through "public speaking anxiety"
  • Understand self-eveluation and audience feedback 

DURING THIS COURSE, STUDENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE 2 ONLINE PRESENTATIONS IN FRONT OF AN ONLINE AUDIENCE. This will serve as a basis of understanding and to be sure you have mastered the benchmarks of this course.