This TOEFL Preparation Master Class presented by West Education is everything you need in order to get a passing score on this international exam. This LIVE 1 to 1 interactive MasterClass will help you understand all parts of the exam and the best stratagies to pass each skill. This MasterClass preparation MasterClass is specific to the needs of students who have at least an B1 level in the English language and need to learn the techniques of this exam.

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  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
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12-hour Course Syllabus +Course info

The West 20 TOEFL Preparation Masterclass  for the TOEFL ibt exam is a test preparation MasterClass for non-native English speaking students planning to attend university or work abroad. This course focuses on the four skills upon which the TOEFL exam evaluates: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. The course examines and shows you methods on how to implement strategies for approaching each skill while taking this difficult exam.

This MasterClass is intensive and extremely detailed for TOEFL test takers. This course is also taught live 1 to 1 so that test takers can receive intimate instruction from our experienced and dedicated TOEFL Experts. 

Name of course: West 20 TOEFL Masterclass

Class schedule: 3 Days per week/1 hour per class

Delivery Method: 

100% online via ZOOM  or Google Meet ( for live classes) and via our website (for at-your-own-pace modules) 


Individual: $299

Groups: to be discussed


Angelina P. 

Contact information:



+212 667 07 8273

Virtual "office hours":

Weekends: 10am- 3pm (GMT +1) via Telegram

Course length: 

12 hours 

How to register:

Course materials: 

All created by West Education/WEST Test Preparation Network/Teacher Angelina


West 20 TOEFL is our specialized preparation program in which we guarantee that our students will increase up to 20 points higher on their post-course sample exam than their pre-course sample exam. Our students take a sample exam at the very beginning of the course to check their strengths and weaknesses as it relates to the exam. At the end of the course, our students take another sample exam to see their improvement as all the methods and strategies taught in the course would be used on the post-course sample exam. Our students have shown great improvement and have exemplified higher levels of confidence as well. 

The increase of 10- 20 points is guaranteed. If by any chance students do not improve by at least 10- 20 points on their post-course sample exam, they will receive their money back!!! 

This 12-hour course includes: 

  • Covers all 4 sections of the TOEFL Exam
  • Private 1-to-1 classes (12)
  • Personalized instruction and guidance
  • Personlaized feddback on speaking and writing sections
  • Access to official TPO's from the speaking and writing sections
  • Unlimited email and Telegram support