This MasterClass helps students to pass the TOEIC exam with practical experience from native English speaking teachers. This LIVE interactive Master Class will help you understand all parts of the exam and the easy ways to pass each skill. This MasterClass preparation course is specific to the needs of students who have at least an B1 level in the English language and need to learn the techniques of this exam. This course is a full-course covering the TOEIC exam from beginning to end.

  • Category: West TOEIC Preparation
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours




Welcome to our West 100 TOEIC MasterClass!

In this MasterClass you will receive practical as well as theoretical information about the TOEIC exam. This course allows you to develop your TOEIC Exam test taking skills with experienced, professional teachers who will guide you through the practical experiences of the exam.

Name of course: WEST TOEIC MasterClass

Class schedule: 3 days per week/1.5 hours each lesson

Delivery method: 100% online (using Zoom or Google Meet)

Fees: $299 individuals /$199 groups of 3 or more