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14 Jan

With the internet, it is difficult to find factual information about many things, including the TOEFL exam. Especially, because the exam has been updated it is hard for test takers to find updated exam information. This list will give you 10 facts about the TOEFL exam that you may have not found otherwise.

Fact #1:The reading passages in the reading section are from real textbooks and course materials. Not fictional stories or made up texts.

Fact #2: TOEFL exam scores are accepted by more than 11,000 colleges and universities in 180+ countries including Canada, Australia, U.S, U.K, New Zealand and other countries throughout Europe and Asia.

Fact #3:  The TOEFL exam isn’t just asking you random English questions, it is asking questions that reflect how language is really used in a university classroom.

Fact #4: The Writing and Speaking sections of the TOEFL exam are integrated. This means that the mentioned sections will require you to listen to something and/or read in addition to reading and writing to answer the question in the task.

Fact #5: In the listening and speaking sections, you may hear some native English-speaker accents from North America as well as from U.K and Australia.

Fact #6: After finishing the test, test takers will be able to view their unofficial scores of the reading and listening sections on the screen. The scoring of the writing and speaking sections will not be available until after they are graded by the raters.

Fact #7: There are approximately 700 words in each reading section passage

Fact #8: The pictures shown in the listening section, specifically the lectures, are there to indicate to you how many people will be speaking, as some lectures are complete monologues as others will have some points mentioned by 1 or 2 other people.

Fact #9: For the speaking section, responses are digitally recorded and sent to ETS where they are rated by certified raters and an automated scoring system (AI).

Fact #10: About 6 days after you take your test, you will receive an email letting you know that your scores are ready and you will view them on your online account. Within 2 days of your scores being available online, you will be able to download and print your scores.

BONUS FACT:: Your official scores will be sent directly to your designated recipients within 11 days from the time you took your test.

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