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13 May

What is West Masterclass??

West Masterclass is a program in which we help students who are in need of guidance and preparation for their IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC exams. These international exams determine your level of the English language for academic use, professional use or immigration purposes

The better prepared you are the higher the score you get!

Our system works in 2 steps: 

Step 1: all students registering to prepare for the exam with us take a pre-course exam; this pre-course exam helps us understand your abilities, your strengths and weaknesses. You will then go through our guided preparation  process in which our experienced native teachers prepare you for all skills of the test. 

Step 2: At the end of your preparation course, you will take a post-course exam and we will compare your pre-course scores and your post-course scores.

 In the comparison of these scores we should see that you have increased at least 4 points for the IELTS, (UP4IELTS), at least 20 points for the TOEFL (UP20TOEFL) or at least 100 points for TOEIC (UP100TOEIC)

Our system has worked for many students and we wish for it to be successful for many more!



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