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12 May

The month of March globally changed everything. Though the pandemic reportedly started in January, it began to effect people's lives in March 2020, as everything from government offices to schools and restaurants were forced to close because of COVID-19 also known as the Corona virus. Since many people are out of work or might even be working from home, we would argue that many people have discovered new ways to keep busy during this time. For English language learners the question is, "why not"? Why not use this time to become proficient in the most popular language in the world? Why not take advantage of this free time that you have?

If you are a learner of any language these days, we think you would agree that now is the time to take advantage of learning something new. This virus has  forced everyone to try something new or commit their free time to something they really want to do. People decide to learn/study/refresh a language for many reasons. Those reasons sometimes include travel, work or to meet new people. Whatever the reason is, taking this time to learn or  become more familiar with a language is extremely smart! Especially since most of the options just require an internet connection. 

West Education is offering a few different options for those who are interested in learning the English language: 

  • Option#1: register for our online courses with native English speaking teachers. Business English and conversational English is being offered during this time.

  • Option#2: Join our "telegram" group called "Quarantine and Chat". This group is free and is open to anyone who is wanting to improve their English conversation skills.

  • Option#3: Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our Rapid English lessons. Our pre-recorded videos help students to learn and understand the language at their own pace, in a short amount of time.

    Use the remainder of this time to improve your understanding of the most popular language 😉 

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