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02 May

West Education's "Rapid English" segments are for students who aspire to learn the English language but do not have time to commit to attending face to face classes in a center or for those who might be looking for a free option to learn the English language. The topics for our  Rapid English videos vary but students can find videos on anything from "Introductions" to "Collocations" and "Adverbs of Frequency". 

The levels of the videos also vary but students with beginner level English will definitely take benefit from our videos as well as intermediate and advanced level students. Students preparing for the IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC exams will also take great benefit from our Rapid English videos on YouTube. These short but intensive and concise videos will aid in any student's language learning journey. Our expertise in the English language helps students conquer their goals and become proficient in the language in a short amount of time; hence the name "Rapid English" 

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